Imported Instruments - Brook Field
We Provide All Type of Scientific Imported Instruments - Brook Field Products.

Imported Instruments - Brook Field Synthesis is part of Avra Group of companies started by Dr. A. V. Rama Rao an organic chemistry exponent of international repute. Avra Laboratories is a pioneer in initiating contract research in India.

The Brookfield brand has been considered the world standard in viscosity measurement and control of liquids and semi-solids for more than 40 years.

We have an excellent global support system in regional offices and a network of training representatives and dealers. No wonder research labs, QC and production environments count on Brookfield's reliable instrumentation for dependability and accuracy.

Brookfield will be exhibiting at a variety of industry trade shows this year. We encourage you to stop in our booth to chat about all things viscosity, texture and powder flow related!

Imported Instruments - Brook Field