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Instruments - Equiptron Synthesis is part of Avra Group of companies started by Dr. A. V. Rama Rao an organic chemistry exponent of international repute. Avra Laboratories is a pioneer in initiating contract research in India.

We've been asked by a lot of people how we've grown Equiptron so quickly, and the answer is actually an easy one...We've aligned the entire Company around one mission: to provide the best customer service possible. Internally we call it “WOW 100” which refers to our goal of having 100% of our customers recommend Equiptron to others. That’s what drives each and every one of us and will always be the motivating force behind Equipatron.

To deliver their value proposition, the two have built their business foundation around people with product expertise and the latest web, inventory management and logistics technologies..

The results to date have been exceptional growth fuelled by customer loyalty and every day more and more people are purchasing from Equipatron.

Instruments Equiptron